Have you wanted to get away but not sure where to start or what is doable for a quick weekend trip? We used an open ended search on Google Flights to narrow the search!

Once you have a baby, it can be anxiety provoking to consider where to go given the distance, connections and the headaches of traveling with a little one in tow. This was what we discovered when our little Charlie was born and we didn’t want to stop exploring but didn’t know how to best narrow the options. Every travel site we visited let you search for flights from your home to a destination but doesn’t give the option to leave the destination open ended. What we were looking for was a way to narrow down the options to destinations that were a direct flight away and sorted by flight duration so we could see what was realistically accessible with the minimum risk of a meltdown while in transit.

This search option on Google Flights is the best thing we have found yet. It doesn’t give you the option to sort by price or flight duration but the visual representation is super helpful since you can see the relative differences in distance, hence flight time, as well as the price. Hope you find this as useful as we do!

Google Flights Example