Aside from the obligatory diaper, wipes etc, there are a handful of items that we always make sure are in the bag or stroller before we walk out the door with Charlie.

Don’t leave home without Wubbanubs!!!!

We know that if all else fails, one of Charlie’s favorite WubbaNubs will bring the chaos to a halt. Machine washable and super cute, they do the trick. Added bonus, we are learning new Chinese words for animals like Hippopotamus.

Don’t leave home without a Munchkin Water Bottle

This gravity defying water bottle let little Charlie learn how to drink on his own before he even knew how to lift his cup. We’ve got a few of these Munchkin Trainer Cups so that we always have one clean and ready to go.

Don’t leave home without everyone’s favorite French giraffe

We love this cute teething toy because Charlie can always seem to grab it and put some part of the toy in his mouth whenever those gums needed something to gnaw on. Just have to watch out that you hand wash it and not allow water to get inside otherwise it will be mold city inside!
Get Sophie The Giraffe from Amazon here.

Don’t leave home without homemade squeeze pouches!

Since we live in China and don’t always trust the authenticity of the products here, this Infantino Squeeze Station has been a lifesaver as we can be sure exactly what’s inside and that Charlie is getting the most nutritious and healthy food on the go as possible with these pouches.

Don’t leave home without El Gato – Mr. Cat aka “Sardine”

We found this rattle at a fantastic independent toy shop in Austin (shout out to Terra Toys) and thought it was just the cutest thing ever. Charlie has loved it ever since; it’s soft, has lots of areas for little fingers to grab onto and makes for a great plush rattle.  I didn’t realize the popularity of this little guy until we were at a friend’s house in Shanghai and realized that their daughter had the EXACT SAME toy – and apparently the name of the cat is Sardine and he comes with a story book. So while maybe not the independent find I thought it was… it’s definitely kid-tested and parent-approved!

Get one here:


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